BNF - National qualification programme

Promoting - courses and coaching

Grosser Buchstabe F
F'' for 'Fördern' - German for promoting

BNF offers a wide range of courses in German, French and English, all of which are designed for academics and oriented towards the Swiss labour market. The courses are made up of short, intensive units and allow you to select a made-to-measure range of training. If you are uncertain about your future professional path, personal coaching can help you work out what to do.

The ‚Kiosk‘ of methods and skills is the core of the BNF continued training spectrum and focuses on various aspects of the job application process. Courses usually last from one to three days. Topics include networking, accessing the grey (job) market, stress management and leadership skills. We also offer a range of cross-sectional courses (project management, GMP, Intellectual Property, Social Insurance, ...), as well as courses designed to enhance computer skills (Excel, InDesign, ...).

Make a selection that suits your needs and find all details here: current course programme

Here a complete list of BNF courses and more information about BNF coaching:


• You can register with the BNF course administration ( via e-mail. Please register at least two weeks before the course starts.
• About one week before the course starts you will receive written confirmation of your registration as well as other relevant information such as the course location and a map of the area.
• After completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

One BNF course day costs 250.- Sfr, a coaching session (90 minutes) 300.- Sfr. When clients come to BNF through other organizations, the organization in question will usually cover the costs after consultation with BNF.

BNF works with highly qualified instructors from all over Switzerland. All of our courses are designed specifically for our clients, they are based on practice and goal oriented.
Classes with limited numbers of participants (6-15) guarantee that our instructors have time to offer individual support and achieve a high activation of all participants.

We continually monitor the satisfaction of our clients as well as developments in the broader job market and adapt our product packages accordingly.

Quality management is important to us. We constantly evaluate the quality of our courses and coaching. Evaluation results are transparently communicated and we regularly implement whatever changes may have become necessary.