BNF - National qualification programme

Networking - through project work

Linking up to an institution through working on a project of your own choice enables you to establish and expand your professional network. You will also gather the work experience you need (e.g. in a new field or when new to the Swiss job market) or be able to apply for financial support for a research project of your own.

As a national qualification programme, we have an extensive network of excellent project partners in renowned institutions and companies throughout Switzerland. Depending on your situation we can even create a new project, suited to your personal requirements. Although voluntary project participation is unpaid work, the benefits of expert support, professional networking and an established infrastructure outweigh this by far.

To give you a better idea of the types of project work that are possible at BNF, we present a small selection of projects here as examples. The projects may also serve as inspiration to acquire your own project through BNF.

If you are interested in a specific project, please contact your BNF consultant directly.

Important: The projects presented here are examples and may be occupied at the moment.

Project examples at BNF