BNF - National qualification programme

2021 we celebrate "25 years BNF"

In autumn 2021, BNF was 25 years old, and of course we are a little proud of that. In the anniversary bulletin, we will take a look back at the development of BNF. In addition, however, we want to look ahead in our anniversary year. What challenges for the labour market of our clients will advancing digitalisation present? What skills will be in demand and what role will artificial intelligence play in this? How can job seekers and the labour market benefit from these developments? And what challenges does this pose for us in integrating academics into this digital labour market? We wanted to explore these topics at our birthday party on 9 November. You didn't have the possibility to participate at our event? Here you will find a photo gallery and video clips from the birthday party so that you can participate in the retrospective.

On the occasion of BNF's 10th anniversary in 2006, we still thought that our work would make us superfluous in the long run. Today however we consider that our work makes sense, for we have come to the conclusion that our work and our network are still needed and will continue to be needed in the future. We observe the increasing demands on job seekers and note the growing demand for our services. And we see the good results that our counsellors achieve every day together with the jobseekers, the REO counsellors and the project managers in the BNF network. We have remained true to our convictions!

Our work is only possible in a functioning and dynamic network. We would like to thank all jobseekers whom we have been able to advise and accompany over the past 25 years for their trust; all the RAV advisors, the social services and other referring agencies for their good cooperation; and all the project leaders for their project ideas and for their commitment in accompanying and integrating the jobseekers at the project location. And we thank the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Department of Market and Integration (TCMI) for their many years of reliable funding of this success story.